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To avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud, people should look carefully at ID cards presented by persons who stop them in the street, claiming to be CID officers, said Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation of Dubai Police.
In an exclusive interview with Emirates 24|7, Brigadier Al Mansouri said the identity card of Dubai policemen have the logos of the government of Dubai and Dubai Police and photo and personal data of the ID card holder in Arabic and English.
Those who impersonate policemen usually flash their ID cards quickly, giving little time for the victim to check their identity, Al Mansouri said.
If anyone has any doubt about the identity of the person who stops him, he should call the police on 999. He should then go to the nearest police station to report the incident, Al Mansouri said.
According to Dubai Police statistics, 10 cases of impersonation of police officers were reported in the first quarter of 2012, compared to eight during the corresponding period of the previous year.
Those who commit this identity fraud usually do so with the aim of robbing the victim of his/her money or other possessions, and in some cases, of harassing the victim sexually.
Victims of blackmail or sexual harassment sometimes give in out of fear, Al Mansouri added.
Article 250 of the UAE Penal Code classifies impersonation of policemen as felony rather than misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment, to be decided by the judge.
According to Article 399 of the Penal Code, the judge can choose between imprisonment and fine for those found guilty of impersonating police officers.
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