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Nathan Webb, 20, planned to jet off to the popular resort of Kavos with two mates
A HAPLESS holiday-maker has told how he set out on a lads' holiday to Corfu – but ended up 560 miles away in Kos by mistake.
Nathan Webb, 20, planned to jet off to the popular Greek island resort of Kavos with two mates – but realised he had picked up his dad's passport by mistake while trying to check in at Stansted Airport.
After a panicked phone call his dad Kevin, 47, jumped in his car to bring the document – despite it being 4.15am.
But Nathan still missed his 6:20am flight, so was booked onto a later departure.
However, after asking for tickets to Kavos, Nathan claims he was somehow given one to Kos – and unthinkingly got on to the plane.
He said: "Not really thinking I picked up my dad's passport before we left. I ended up realising at the airport and had to ring dad to bring mine. He came but I still missed my flight.
"Me and my mates went around asking for the next flight to but everyone was saying they did not have one that day.
Nathan ended up at this hotel in Kos before eventually getting a flight to Kavos"Then we went to the Jet 2 desk and explained the situation and asked for flights to Kavos.
"At first she said there wasn't one that day then she asked again and said there was one available.
"She's then given me a ticket to Kos. I only realised once I got there I was in the wrong place.
"I pretty much just thought it [the flight] was going to Kavos.
"I'd been up since the day before and I just sort of presumed it would be fine."
The young traveller from Sheringham, Norfolk, had to wait alone in Stansted airport until the 6pm flight – as his mates had left him to take the original departure.
He then got on the plane without a second thought and said when he landed he started to notice things were wrong.
He said: "When I was there I just thought how am I going to to get the to the place I was staying.
"I just kept asking to go to the Kavos Plaza. One person was like 'I've never heard of it'.
"So I rang my mates and realised I was in the wrong place."
Luckily stranded Nathan was able to contact his sister, whose boyfriend had a friend in Kos able to help him out.
He picked Nathan up from the airport and took him to a nearby hotel, before helping him book flights to Kavos via Athens for the next day.
The night's stay set Nathan back 60 euros (approx £52) and the new flight was around 150 euros (approx £131).
Nathan made it to his hotel in Kavos two days after he was supposed to arrive
This extra cost on top of the £121 charge for the flight from the UK to Kos meant the mishaps set him back just over £300.
He finally linked up with his friends for their week away on May 17 – two days after his journey began on May 15.
Commenting on the ordeal, his father Kevin said: "Who knows why he took my passport, I haven't flown in years.
"He's lucky I'm a postman so calling me at 4.15am wasn't that much of a problem."
Nathan, who was away for the trip for his friend's 21st birthday, said it ended up being a great break and he can now "see the funny side" of the situation.
However, he says his family are planning to contact Jet 2 to ask about the mix up.
Jet 2 has been contacted for comment.
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