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TPWD offers a variety of passes:
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image of state parks pass
The Texas State Parks Pass is good for one year and includes:
A Texas State Parks Pass costs $70 and is issued to one person (the card holder). You can buy a second pass for someone who lives at the same address as you for $25.
You cannot purchase a pass for someone else. If you want to give a pass to another person, please purchase a gift card instead.
For more information, read Texas State Parks Pass Details.
Buy a Texas State Park Pass on our reservation website or at any state park, or call (512) 389-8900 to order a pass (plus shipping and handling). Secondary passes can only be purchased at a park.

You may qualify for a free Texas Parklands Passport. Parkland Passports reduce or waive entry fees for the pass holder. These passes are issued to people who can provide proof of meeting certain qualifications. These groups include seniors, disabled persons, veterans and gold star family members.
Discover the qualifications and required documentation needed for each of the seven Parklands Passports.
Obtain these passes at any state park.
image of Youth Group Annual Pass card
The Youth Group Annual Pass allows free entry to state parks for nonprofit youth group members and a reasonable number of adult sponsors.
The pass costs $100 and is valid for one year. Up to a total of 50 kids and sponsors can enter the park with the pass.
To purchase, you must show proof of nonprofit status and certify that your group serves children ages 13 to 17.
To apply for the pass, download an application and submit: Youth Group Annual Permit – Application Packet (PDF 455 KB).
We must receive all application documents at least six weeks before your next park visit so that we have time to process and mail your pass. If you do not present the pass when you check in, the park staff will have to charge you standard entrance fees. Parks will not accept a sales receipt in lieu of the pass.
image of a restricted pass
Some parks issue passes that give access to specific things like swimming or golfing.
These passes grant entry to the park only for specific activities. You will have to pay entry fees to use other park facilities.
Rules, terms and applications vary; please contact parks for details.
image of a gift cardPurchase gift cards for any value between $5 and $500. You can buy gift cards online or at a state park.
Redeem gift cards at most state parks to purchase park passes, retail items, or to pay for park entrance or overnight fees.
Gift cards are fully transferable and must be treated like cash. Funds on gift cards expire three years from purchase.
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