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Will we have to buy new, non-burgundy passports now the UK has voted for a Brexit?
It's the one document you don't want to lose before you jet off on your holidays.
Passports cost a lot of money to replace and can take weeks to arrive (if you don't pay extra for the one-day fast track.)
But as many eagle-eyed jet setters will have noticed, our passports say ' European Union ' across the top of them.
Naturally, this has caused a lot of people to worry about what would happen if the UK voted to leave the European Union – so now we have, what next?
Although our passports are issued by the UK government, they share a format with the other 27 EU member states.
What will happen to immigration into the UK after vote to leave the EU?
All countries issue documents with burgundy covers, embossed with the words 'European Union' at the top, followed by the name of the country, its coat of arms, the word 'passport' and the biometric passport symbol at the bottom.
So, will we have to apply for new ones? Will we have to pay the full amount? If everyone's applying for them, will it take months for the backlog to clear?

It's a legitimate concern, but does anyone know the answer?
One woman even decided to ask David Cameron on Twitter (but he didn't reply).
When Mirror Online approached the Passport Office, they declined to comment.
The most likely (and probably easiest) solution is that our passports will be valid up until their date of expiration.

Then, once we apply for our new passport as usual, we will be issued with our new, non-EU passports.
One financial journalist seemed to confirm this by stating on Twitter that our passports are issued by the UK government – and not the European Union – so they will remain valid.
It's important to note that no member state has ever left the EU. It's unprecedented, so nobody really knows what would happen if we voted for a Brexit .
Commentators have speculated that nothing at all would happen for at least two years as Britain enters into negotiations, so we'd at least have some time to process it all.
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